Megan Kusch has been in worship ministry for over 20 years. As a worship leader, an award-winning songwriter, and the founder of River Wild Ministries, Megan has traveled around the U.S. and the world leading people in responding to the greatness and grace of God through music and singing. She lives in OH with her husband Josh and their two young boys. Besides her family, she’s really into the Colorado mountains, C.S. Lewis and anything chocolate.

Megan’s music can be found on iTunes and Spotify.


“For the past 14 years, I’ve traveled the country as a professional musician. In that time, I’ve met some fantastic musicians and songwriters. However, few have had the unique blend of sincerity and talent that I’ve seen in Megan Kusch… I have watched as entire arenas were motionless, basking in the truth of God portrayed through her songs. Megan is a gift to the church and I recommend her without reservation.”

Danny Oertli — Singer, Songwriter and Author

“Megan is immensely musically talented and easy to sing with. But, more importantly, she has a unique ability to lead worshippers into the presence of God with joy. She chooses music that reinforces what is being taught and adapts to the moment in a way that is clearly led by the Holy Spirit. I highly recommend Megan for any worship setting.”

Barb Larson — Director of Women’s Ministries, Castle Rock, CO

“We were deeply blessed by having Megan Kusch lead us in worship on a Sunday morning. Megan did a beautiful job leading our traditional worship service with an acoustic guitar and then led our contemporary worship service with our band. She brings a reverence and love for God that cultivates a deeper participation in worship. She radiates the love of Christ with her voice and her passion. I strongly recommend Megan as a gifted musician and worship leader. We can’t wait to bring her back to Faith Church.”

Doug Klein — Senior Pastor, Aurora, CO

“I’ve had the pleasure of leading worship with Megan a few times now. She is sensitive to the Holy Spirit, confident in the influence God has given her, and above all passionate about people encountering God. Megan has a strong gift for songwriting and a beautiful voice that ministers to people in powerful ways. Look for great things from her – God has chosen her for His purposes and is moving through her for His Kingdom!”

Daniel E Wakefield — Film Composer, Songwriter and Worship Leader