Nigeria is the land of NEPA: the Nigerian Electric Power Association. When NEPA is on you turn on the ceiling fan, charge your cell phone, check your Facebook (provided the internet is ALSO working, which is not very often) and the food you left in the refrigerator is nice and chilled. When NEPA goes off, you light a candle, figure maybe you didn’t need to refrigerate those leftovers anyway and… enjoy some good, old fashioned electricity-free activities. What will today bring? Nobody knows. Personally, I think there’s a dude at the NEPA headquarters that sits by an ON/OFF switch and flips it whenever he feels like it, which is usually when you’re in the middle of a late-night shower or when you’re only halfway through blow-drying your hair.

It’s good to be back.  🙂

Today is my 6th day back in Nigeria and I’ve been having a blast! On Saturday, my first day back in Jos, I arrived with just enough time to toss my luggage into my room at the Baptist Guest House, throw on a bridesmaid’s dress (which was BEAUTIFUL), and book it to my Nigerian friend Martha’s wedding! I met Martha in December, when she accompanied Frank, Carole, Holly and I to their village to translate for Holly and I. I was so honored to be asked to be in her wedding! Little did I know Nigerian bridal parties dance. A lot. We danced up to the front, we danced out of the church, we danced into the reception… Goodbye comfort zone, it’s been nice knowing ya. Surprisingly, only several people commented on my, uh, lack of coordination. Maybe they cut me some slack since I was the only bature (white person) in the bunch!

On Sunday, I got to lead worship music for Hillcrest Church, that meets at Hillcrest School. The congregation is mostly made up of missionary families and school faculty families. It was so good to see them all again, especially so soon after meeting them the first time! Sunday evening I joined Frank, Carole and a handful of other missionaries here in Jos for their weekly prayer meeting. Amazing people.

This week I’m leading worship for Hillcrest School’s Spiritual Emphasis Week. Hillcrest is an international K-12 school on a large, beautiful campus in Jos. The students that attend here are from all over the world. On Monday morning we had our first chapel, during which I shared my testimony and a couple of my songs with the students. I was a bit nervous about whether or not my story would connect, especially with the Nigerian and Arab kids. I didn’t need to worry – it connected in a big way and has generated lots of conversation with both the students and adults. One of the high school students even sought me out for counseling and prayer. I got to share my personal “life-line” Bible verses with him and I’m praying they get planted deep in his heart. God has used each element of the chapels this week to do some crazy things in the hearts of these students, despite some behind-the-scenes challenges. I LOVE watching Him move!

With the help of Matt Kilgore, the chaplain at Hillcrest, last night we threw together a special “Seek and Soak” service to bless the Hillcrest staff and Baptist missionaries here in Jos. About 30 of us spent some sweet time worshiping the Lord and reading aloud Scripture on peace and rest. We had to wrap things up by 8pm so everyone could get home in plenty of time before the city-wide curfew. Since the crisis here in January, no one is allowed out and about after 9pm.

This morning for worship I was joined on stage by the Hillcrest praise team – about 30 students! We rocked it – I’ll be sure to post video when I get back to the states!

Embarrassing moment of the day: When one of the band members arrived this morning to set up his equipment, I asked him in my cheerful, borderline-obnoxious morning voice if he was ready to jam! After a significant pause he said, “In Nigeria, to
“jam” means to fail. You know, like jamming a test.” Way to get people excited, Megan. Sheesh.

Oh and my song, My Worship? BIG hit with the first graders. Who knew? 🙂

Stay tuned for more updates, probably more embarrassing moments and video of the parrot I taught a new trick!

Please pray for the students and staff at Hillcrest and for me as I make myself available for wherever God leads! He is doing big things in West Africa!


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