I can’t tell you how many times I’ve said (or heard), “Where in the world did the summer go??” As if it didn’t also seem to slip through our fingers last year. And the year before. Crazy how that happens! I was just browsing through my photos and thought I’d take a second to share some of my favorite stories and God-moments of the summer. Here, my friends, is where MY summer went…


I got to lead worship for team of middle school students from Austin, TX on a mission trip to Waco, TX. As you can see from the above photo, our group was fairly reserved and mild-mannered.

The week was jam-packed with activities and ministry opportunities, but first things first: I was freezing. Melissa and Cindy (of Passion Missions) got so tired of hearing my teeth chatter in the A/C that they insisted on the seemingly impossible: finding a sweatshirt in Waco in June. Here’s proof that with God, ALL things are possible!

Our group got to minister to the sweet people at an adult daycare center. Getting to meet and talk with Leola here was a special blessing for me – this lady loves Jesus.

We also partnered with a brand-new Hispanic church in Waco! This was so obviously a divinely orchestrated partnership – our team literally showed up on the doorstep of the church, unknowingly answering the prayer the church had been lifting up for some time. WOW. We teamed up to minister to their community through VBS and a BBQ in the park. Melissa and I stayed behind after the team headed home to speak and lead worship for a service at the church. I’ve never heard “I Could Sing of Your Love Forever” sound more beautiful than it did that day in English AND Spanish!

Speaking of divine appointments: After the week in Waco was over, I headed to Austin to lead worship at Fellowship Church Southwest. We had planned several weeks out that I would be the guest worship leader that weekend, but what we could not have foreseen was that their worship leader’s father would be hospitalized after suffering two strokes just days before I was scheduled to be there. Because I was leading that Sunday morning, Jeff, the worship leader, was able to spend that time with his family. What a gracious God!! I LOVE seeing Him move like that!


Night Vision Festival / Olathe, CO

I know it’s hard to see, but the green sign on the left says: Michael W. Smith. The green sign on the right lists several names, the first of which is Megan Isaacson. 🙂

I was the nerd musician who needed a music stand. One of the tech guys whipped this one up for me!

My girl Erica. Watch out, Western Slope – this woman is praying for you.

Heaven Fest / Longmont, CO

What a sweet time with the Lord. Thanks to everyone who came out and helped us lift the name of Jesus high!

The all-star band: Andrew Webb/electric, Eric Yochim/drums, Jared Greene/bass, Dakota Stoddard/BGVs, Mike Morter/mandolin

KTLF PraiseFest / Colorado Springs, CO

After my set a sweet woman came up to me with tears in her eyes and thanked me for playing the song ‘Ni Zan Je (I Will Go)’. She and her husband had had the privilege of working with some Nigerian people when they lived overseas and she was deeply blessed by the song.


During what has been a difficult season in the life of the ministry, I was privileged to lead a worship time of “Seeking and Soaking” at Focus in June. We spent some time resting in the presence of the Lord as we let His Word wash over us. Our Scripture topic for the morning: JOY.


Random day of rest for me in the mountains. So thankful I get to live in Colorado.


I got to spend a week with these cool summer staff people at Spruce Lake Retreat Center in Canadensis, PA for family week!

Hanging with them, I felt just like family. Until I saw this photo. Thanks for letting me in on the pose, guys.

The mountains were gorgeous! I had some time to do a little exploring…

I found a plant that grows raisins, apparently.

What in the world IS this thing? Anybody??

Yes, I flew in and out of Scranton. Tee hee hee.


My super-amazing vocal coach, Dr. L. Scott Martin at the Academy of the Arts in Denver! A wizard of vocal technique. I get to see him once a month to get whipped into proper vocal shape. Notice the scary sign on the wall.

The summer also saw the birth of a couple new songs (among others) that I’m pretty stoked about:”Surely This is Our God”, based on/inspired by Isaiah 25 and “You Must Be Beautiful”, a personal tribute to my most beautiful encounters with the invisible God. The new project is fast approaching, guys!!! In the words of my friend Kota: “Oh my monkeys, I’m SO excited!!”

Unfortunately, I don’t have photos to document so many of the other amazing worship-moments I got to share with people all over the state. But I do have a snapshot of a different kind to share in closing. Elsi Dodge, a woman I met at a worship event at Boulder Valley Christian Church shared this with me after a sweet night of worship and seeking the Lord a couple weeks ago. Please enjoy.

to worship You
my God and King
my Savior
my Friend
my crucified and risen Lord
to sing at the foot of Your throne
to see light reflecting
from the kingly gold
of Your stained cross of shame
to hear voices raised
harmonies and dissonance
love and praise
hands lifted
heads bowed
hearts prostrate before you
overwhelmed by Your love
Your love
You love me
You love us
You are here
accept my praise
my gratitude
my obedience
my distraction
my contrition
my tears

dark shadows, Lord
empty chairs
faces of strangers
guilt and sorrow
fear and isolation
shadows in the corners
around the walls
in the parking lot
shadows in my heart
my thoughts
my memories
and yet …
Your cross
Your Word
psalms and hymns and spiritual songs
and You draw me back
welcome me in
“Talitha,, kuom!” You say
and I rise to see Your face
take Your hand
rest on Your shoulder
and lift my voice in praise and worship
to You
to You
my living God

Elsi Dodge (http://elsidodge.com/blog)


One thought on “THAT’S where the summer went…

  1. Just wanted to say that I miss you, I want to know how I can be praying for you and the ministry, AND I know Elsi. I met her at Colorado Christian Writer’s Conference in Estes Park in 2009. It’s a small world after all. 😉

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