Hello from Nigeria!

Nigeria is the land of NEPA: the Nigerian Electric Power Association. When NEPA is on you turn on the ceiling fan, charge your cell phone, check your Facebook (provided the internet is ALSO working, which is not very often) and the food you left in the refrigerator is nice and chilled. When NEPA goes off, … Continue reading Hello from Nigeria!


Spring Newsletter!

Hello friends! I finally finished my Spring 2010 newsletter - click on the link below to check it out! Spring 2010 Newsletter Tomorrow morning I head back out to Nigeria - I'm really excited! Stay tuned here and on Facebook for updates from the bush! Provided NEPA (Nigerian electricity) holds out...  😉 Blessings! meg


I'm a dog lover. Growing up, my house almost always had a dog in it. When I was ten, my grandfather gave me one of my own: a two-year-old blonde cocker spaniel whom I promptly re-named, Lacey. I moved out of my mom's house the year I turned 18 and haven't kept a dog since … Continue reading Sacrifice