With love from Nigeria. Again.

You might be thinking, "Wasn't she JUST in Nigeria?" I sure was, and it was during that first trip that I got connected with Hillcrest School in Jos, who asked me to return to lead worship for their spring Spiritual Emphasis Week! The first trip to Nigeria was all about taking it in - I was a sponge. The second was all about being present in the moments and being available for whatever God wanted to do. Turns out He wanted to do a LOT.


Simon Says, “cankles” and Nigerian rain…

I am sitting on a couch in my room at the guest house. My feet are propped up on a couple pillows. It's been a fantastic, full day and my feet are the size of footballs. My ankles have disappeared. Apparently salty foods and hot, humid weather don't mix very well! I'm hoping my ankle … Continue reading Simon Says, “cankles” and Nigerian rain…

Spring Newsletter!

Hello friends! I finally finished my Spring 2010 newsletter - click on the link below to check it out! Spring 2010 Newsletter Tomorrow morning I head back out to Nigeria - I'm really excited! Stay tuned here and on Facebook for updates from the bush! Provided NEPA (Nigerian electricity) holds out...  😉 Blessings! meg