I finished packing for Haiti today, which is a good thing because I, along with twelve other ladies and one brave man, are leaving tomorrow for Port au Prince. This is my bag. I’m hoping it doesn’t explode. I realize I may be adventurous beyond reason by just taking one backpack to lug around my stuff, but hey – I guess I like things simple!

For the next week we’ll be working with women from the tent cities, teaching them some new, marketable skills and showing some love to the instructors who serve at the women’s vocational center. I think we’ll also be feeding some kids in the city. I’m bringing a guitar and some Creole worship tunes, too – I think I’ll have the opportunity to spend some time at a music school (where I’ll leave the guitar) and play in a church on Sunday morning! I’ve been learning several worship tunes in Creole for this trip… Here goes nothin’!

THANK YOU to all those who made it possible for me to go on this trip by giving financially. Your investment in the Kingdom will produce HUGE returns!! May the Lord use us to strengthen and help uphold the beacon of His light and truth in the darkness of Haiti!!

Please pray for protection, health, unity, humility and courage for our group. Please pray that the Lord accomplishes in and through us all that is on His heart!!

I hope to share photos and stories soon!

Peace and joy,



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